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American Hero, Hosta

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Walters Gardens


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American Hero, Hosta


Walters Gardens/Hans Hansen 2009

About This Plant

This is a tough, durable hosta that reliably displays strong, bold variegation all season long. It is a sport of ‘Revolution’ with wider, dark green margins and a creamy white to pure white center speckled with green. The thick leaves form a very dense clump, and as the plant matures they become somewhat twisted. Lavender flowers top the clump in midsummer. 

Sun Tolerance

Sun Tolerant

Pest Resistance

Slug Resistant

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour

White centre speckled with green with green margin


22 in


12 in

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Gardeners Comments

Anne M.
Thanks to the advice you and your staff have given me over these years I have a great collection but fear I shall never rival yours. I look forward … read more
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