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Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' NEW 2020

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Walters Gardens

Common Name

Japanese Anemone


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Anemone 'Honorine Jobert' NEW 2020

About This Plant

‘Honorine Jobert’ produces single, 2-3” wide, pure white flowers with a cluster of bright yellow stamens in the center of each blossom.  They are produced atop tall, wiry stems above an attractive clump of dark green foliage.  It is a real standout in partial shade where it is happiest. 

A staple item for late summer and fall borders, Japanese Anenomes are graceful plants with beautiful, satiny flowers borne on tall stems above a clump of shorter basal foliage.


  • Width: 30"
  • Height: 40"
  • Bloom Time: late summer early fall
  • Flower Colour: white
  • Zone: zone 4
  • Light Conditions: full sun to part shade

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