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Aster 'Jenny'

Common Name

Michaelmas Daisy



Aster 'Jenny'

About This Plant

Also known as Fall Asters, these are terrific favorites for autumn colour in the perennial border. Plants form a bushy clump, bearing loads of small daisy flowers. This is a compact selection with double deep magenta-red blossoms. Pinch plants before July to maintain a cushion effect. Excellent for cutting. Most asters will be troubled much less with powdery mildew when grown in a moist, rich soil. Divide plants every two to four years to maintain vigour.

 (Plant description courtesy of Perennials.com)


fall bloomer


  • Width: 18 in
  • Height: 16 in
  • Bloom Time: Late summer early fall
  • Zone: Zone 3
  • Light Conditions: Full Sun

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