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Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop'

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Walters Gardens

Common Name

Coral Bells



Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop'

About This Plant

‘Silver Gumdrop’ has vibrant pink flowers instead of the typical white or cream. Match it with its silver, iridescent leaves with a semi-glossy finish and you have a winning combination. ‘Silver Gumdrop’ is a smaller scale Heuchera, the perfect size for a container. Growers and gardeners alike will be pleased that it is a vigorous grower for its size. Its silver leaves take on a rosy blush overtone later in the season for additional interest.


  • Width: 16 in
  • Height: 6 in
  • Flower Height: 24 in
  • Bloom Time: Mid summer
  • Flower Colour: Pink
  • Leaf Colour: silvery grey
  • Zone: Zone 4

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