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Dream Weaver, Hosta

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Dream Weaver, Hosta


Ruetenik/Walek 1996

About This Plant

Thick, chartreuse turning ivory-white, very widely margined dark blue-green with streaks jetting towards the midrib, corrugated; edge slightly rippled, slightly cupped, heart shaped. Lower light levels will produce a more pleasing leaf colour. Needs dividing to keep the striking leaf pattern. 'Dream Weaver' came to us from Kevin Walek and B. Ruetenik in 1996. It is a sport of 'Great Expectations' and the leaf differs dramatically in that the blue-green border is much wider than that of its progenitor. 

Mature Size


Pest Resistance

Slug Resistant

Flower Colour

Near White

Leaf Colour

White with blue margin


70 in


32 in

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