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Glad Rags, Hosta NEW 2020

Image Courtesy of:

Rick Goodenough



Glad Rags, Hosta NEW 2020


Rod Lysne 2006

About This Plant

A well established clump will measure about 20" across and 14" tall, with a somewhat vaselike form, especially on younger plants. Leaves are semi-cupped, about 4" x 6" and often crinkled with age. Substance is very heavy. Consequently, 'Glad Rags' takes a good deal of sun here without complaint. Shade produces a chartreuse-gold border; semi-shade produces a clean, bright gold border; stronger sun ultimately transitions chartreuse to gold to ivory. The gold borders are extra wide, encasing an irregular swath of green center. The pattern is repeated on every leaf; yet no two leaves are exactly the same. Even a young plant is singular. An established clump is stunning.

Sun Tolerance

sun tolerant

Pest Resistance

slug resistant


zone 3

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour

dark green-gold yellow edge





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