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Island Breeze, Hosta

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Walters Gardens



Island Breeze, Hosta


Walters Gardens

About This Plant

First came ‘Fire Island’ which was followed by its variegated progeny ‘Paradise Island’. This year, we are excited to introduce ‘Island Breeze’ which is the third member of this “tropicalin family and a sport of ‘Paradise Island’. The improvements in this cultivar include more impressive variegation due to its wider margins, thicker leaf substance, and a strong growth rate. Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring. As summer approaches, the centers become more chartreuse when plants are grown in heavier shade or lighter yellow if they are grown in more sun. Like ‘Paradise Island’, this one also has showy red speckled petioles that bleed up into the leaves. Dark lavender flowers appear on reddish green scapes in midsummer. 

Sun Tolerance

Sun Tolerant

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour

Yellow with dark green margins


18 in


12 in

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