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Luna Moth, Hosta

Image Courtesy of:

Vanessa Chaborek



Luna Moth, Hosta


Bill Meyer

About This Plant

“Foolproofin and easy to grow, this is a great selection for beginner gardeners or those who are just looking for a beautiful, worry-free hosta. ‘Luna Moth’ is a sport of the vigorous ‘Parky’s Prize’ but with thicker substance and wider margins. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves emerge with light green margins which brighten to yellow in summer. This hosta grows quickly to form a nice symmetrical clump in the landscape. Lavender flowers are produced on perfectly proportional scapes in early summer. 

Sun Tolerance

Sun Tolerant

Pest Resistance

Slug Resistant

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour

Green with light green margin


30 in


18 in

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