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Praying Hands, Hosta

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Praying Hands, Hosta


G. Williams 1996

About This Plant

One of the weirdest introductions to come along: extremely elongated dark green leaves have a waxy sheen and a very thin yellow rippled border. They are folded and wavy, giving a twisted appearance and look like no other hosta leaf. Light lavender flowers will appear midsummer. Leaf blade 7in by 2in . Smooth, olive-green with a very narrow yellow-gold margin, satiny, prominent veining; edge rippled and almost running together with the petiole, furled, lanceolate with an acute tip. Leaves are folded and rolled tightly in an upward stance. 

Sun Tolerance

Sun Tolerant

Pest Resistance

Slug Resistant

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour



30 in


18 in

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