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Regal Supreme, Hosta

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Vanessa Chaborek



Regal Supreme, Hosta


Jan Van Den Top

About This Plant

Hostas ‘Krossa Regal’ and ‘Regal Splendor’ have long been admired for their distinctive upright vase-shaped habit. The new ‘Regal Supreme’ has all of the wonderful traits of its parent, ‘Krossa Regal’, but it displays a significantly wider leaf margin than ‘Regal Splendor’. In spring, frosty blue leaves of good substance display wavy, creamy yellow margins. In summer, the color transitions to blue-green with wide, creamy white margins. Like its parent, lavender flowers appear on very tall scapes in mid through late summer. 


Sun Tolerance

Sun Tolerant

Pest Resistance

Slug Resistant

Flower Colour


Leaf Colour

Blue with yellow to creamy margin


43 in


28 in

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