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Catanche 'Caerulea'

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Common Name

Cupid's Dart


$16.95 Large Field Grown Clump

Catanche 'Caerulea'

About This Plant

A favourite of flower arrangers, the papery, bright blue dandelion-shaped blossoms are excellent for cutting, fresh or dried. Plants form a low clump of narrow grey-green leaves, the flowers appearing on upright stems in summer. Remove faded blooms to encourage more buds to form. Short-lived, but will often self sow. Choose a bright, sunny site with better than average drainage. Drought tolerant, once established. In the ancient language of flowers, Cupid’s Dart symbolizes love.

(Plant description courtesy of Perennials.com)


Drought tolerant


  • Width: 12 in
  • Height: 20 in
  • Bloom Time: Summer to fall
  • Flower Colour: Blue
  • Zone: Zone 4
  • Light Conditions: Full sun

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