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Thalictrum 'Hewitt's Double'

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Common Name

Meadow Rue



Thalictrum 'Hewitt's Double'

About This Plant

Meadow-rue has beautiful, lacy blue-green foliage a little bit like a Columbine or Maidenhair Fern in effect. This selection features cloud-like sprays of double mauve flowers that are outstanding for cutting. Despite the delicate appearance, it is fairly tolerant of warm, humid summers. Plants are tall and narrow in habit, so staking is usually required. Clumps may be divided in early spring, but take a year or two to settle back in and reach a mature size.

(Description courtesy of Perennials.Com)


  • Width: 24 inches
  • Height: 60 inches
  • Bloom Time: early to late summer
  • Flower Colour: mauve-lilac
  • Zone: zone 3
  • Light Conditions: partial sun to shade

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